Jesus Delivered Me From Addiction To Sex and Porn – When God washes Away A Man’s Lust

Jesus Delivered Me From Addiction To Sex and Porn – When God washes Away A Man’s Lust

In our previous article, “How To Remain Holy In These Last Days“, we discussed on the secrets of remaining in holiness, in this article, we shared a testimony of a man who was set free from addictions to sex and porn. 

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This video is about a testimony of a man who got addicted to sex and porn right from his young age till he got married. He continued in his secret habit even when his wife caught him timeless times. But in the end, He welcomed Jesus Christ into his life and Jesus set him free from all the addictions he had. If you are reading this today, I want you to know that Jesus has the ability to set you free from any addiction. You may be addicted to sex, drugs, porn, alcohol… You may have even tried to stop some of these habits by your own power and strength… Today, I want you to rely on Jesus Christ to save you from addictions. Just pray and open up your heart from Jesus to come in.

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  1. Hello great people and preachers of truth. I have some suggestion that i think is good; you see not everyone will get access to YouTube i think is good you should mentioned some of the important point in the videos that you’ll share. Thank You!

  2. There’s power in Jesus… Just trust and believe in him

  3. There isn’t anything that my God can’t do. He’s able to heal you from lying, stealing. Some people may say, well I could quit that on my own. But if you’re addicted to lying all the time, it seems like every time your mouth is open you are lying. And stealing is the same. If you see something that you want, oh gee no one is looking I’ll just steal it and no one will know. But Jesus knows all about it and Jesus will heal you from that addiction. The same goes with the addiction of sex porn. JESUS is a mighty big God. He can heal you from any addiction that you may have.

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